Why smart&juicy?

When working as a webdesigner several years ago, I heard the phrase „quick‘n‘dirty“. It was used for a fast but short-term solution for a problem in IT*. It made me laugh and I liked the melody. I also like pairs of words, so it sticked in my mind.

As I began to think about a name for my enterprise, I was looking for adjectives which describe the concept and feeling of my idea …

Transition to sustainability is a reasonable policy, quite smart. Let’s add a vivid, charming, appealing word to it – something fresh, like a glass of squeezed fruit juice?

There, it was born: smart’n’juicy. And sounds great!

Not yet happy with the spelling. The pretty way to connect a word combo is having the round and elegant ampersand like a belt buckle between the words, isn’t it?


smart as sustainable, holistic and creative.
juicy as lively, enjoyable and cheerful.


* Merriam-Websters definition of quick and dirty: „expedient and effective but not without flaws or unwanted side effects“